we are open to, we are looking for, we appreciate
new possibilities, creative minds, fresh ideas
Who we are

HCore is a young, dynamic and modern company that is a recent spin-off from AdPilot's group of companies.

The main scope of our hi-tech services is to deliver holistic software development solutions that are tailored to the customer's needs mainly for e-commerce and marketing.

We specialise in providing solutions using Big Data, cloud computing and the most advanced software available on the market.

HCore builds software, which powers one of the largest RTB DSPs in Europe providing soft real time / low latency / ultra high capacity data processing 24/7/365.

What we do

Our international team of most experienced specialists consists of: programmers (Scala, Ansible, Python), network administrators (24/7 support), dedicated client advisors and research scientists (computer sciences, mathematics, economics).

We are using sophisticated mathematical modeling supported by the fastest algorithms implemented in computing frameworks like Hadoop and Spark. We also perform complex data analysis based on a distributed set of data (Hive), databases (Cassandra) and efficient server centres.

We are always open for new possibilities and looking for creative minds, fresh ideas and business partnerships.


Due to modernity and innovation, our business provides opportunity for professional development through work among professionals and experts, in a creative and friendly atmosphere and provides a lack of routine in performing daily duties. We guarantee flexible hours and a reward adequate to engagement and performance.



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Correspondence Address

HCore Sp. z o.o. S.K.
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