Internet Advertising Privacy Policy

I. General information

1. This internet advertising privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) has been adopted by Hcore sp. z o.o. sp. k. with its registered office in Warsaw, at Hoża 43/49/11, registered in the registry of entrepreneurs of the National Court Registered maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department, under KRS  number 0000440526 (“Hcore”). In matters related to this privacy policy Hcore may be contacted at

2. The Company fully respects the right to privacy and to the protection of personal data of individuals using the Website (hereafter “Users”). In order to use the Website it is not required to share any personal data enabling identification of a User. The Website, however, allows the User to voluntarily provide some data for purpose of recruitment carried by the Company. Provisions of point III below apply to such provided data.

II. Collected and processed data

3. Where advertisements emitted by Hcore or with Hcore’s participation (“Hcore’s Advertisements”) are shown, Hcore collects following non-personal data about users of websites:
a. number of users visiting websites of Hcore’s customers, time of visits,
b. number of users displaying Hcore’s Advertisements,
c. technical data on users’ web browsers and operating systems,
d. data on effectiveness of Hcore’s Advertisements, including number of clicks they generated,
e. interest category or categories, to which users have been assigned,

4. Technical requirements of Hcore’s services, its computer systems and the Internet in general require that Hcore stores system logs. Those system logs are stored and processed exclusively temporarily and because of technical necessity.

5. Hcore does not collect any personal data of users such as name, age, address, gender, place of residence, personal identification numbers, e-mail, phone numbers etc.

III. Data exempt from collection and processing

6. Hcore does not collect or use, in particular in interest-based advertisements, any data from users known to Hcore to be under the age of 13 years, any data from websites directed to children under the age of 13 years, any data originating from adult, gambling or governmental websites, and any other sensitive information such as financial or health status, race, commission of crime, political beliefs, sexual orientation etc.

IV. Cookies and other technical means

7. Hcore stores cookies (short text files) on users’ computer systems that contain information in particular on user’s interest category and advertisements clicked by the user.

8. Hcore also uses other technical means necessary to provide its advertising services, such as pixels.

9. Hcore may use Google services to serve Hcore’s Advertisements. In such cases Google’s DoubleClick advertising cookies will be stored on users’ computer systems. Google’s privacy policy is applicable to such cookies. Hcore may also use other third-party technology to serve the Advertisements.

V. Objectives of data processing and data recipients

10. Data collected by Hcore is used to display to users more relevant advertisements, i.e. advertisements of products they may be likely interested in, and other advertising-related purposes. Choice of advertisements which may be of interest to a user is made by checking past browsing behavior of a user based on a cookie stored by the user’s web browser, and by assigning the user to one or more interest categories.

11. Data collected through pixels is also used for subsequent use in targeting or re-marketing.

12. Statistical (aggregated) information about users and effectiveness of advertisements may be passed to Hcore’s customers – advertisers, in order to allow them to make informed decisions regarding their advertising campaigns and assess their effectiveness. Information may be also passed to third parties if it is technically required to display advertisements to users. Hcore will also pass data if required by applicable law.

13. No personal data is transferred by Hcore to any third parties.

VI. Opting out

14. A user may prevent data collection, processing and transmission to third parties by downloading and storing a following cookie in a web browser it is using. If a user uses more than one web browser or more than one computer system, a cookie must be downloaded and stored in each of the browsers. Clearing a browser’s cache from cookies will require re-downloading an opt-out cookie.

15. A user may also disable cookies and local storage in their web browser. However, it will hinder web browsing experience, as many websites use cookies to store user preferences.

VII. Data protection

16. Hcore protects data by implementing generally accepted security standards.

17. Non-aggregated data are stored for no more than 24 months. Aggregated data may be stored up to 36 months.

VIII. Changes to the Policy

Hcore may change this policy at any time. A new policy enters into force immediately upon its publication on Hcore’s website.